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Pinball Boy Adventure

Pinball Boy Adventure

Welcome to the thrilling world of Pinball Boy Adventure, a combination of engaging physics puzzles and vibrant 3D characters. Simple but challenging mission of collecting pin balls and destroying valuable targets. Unleash chaos across levels with an arsenal of bombs and rockets. The journey is not too long, but enough for you to establish a strategy to complete the goal. Get keys that unlock more advanced features for your character. Unlock more levels to dive into a dynamic and challenging environment.

Outstanding features

  • The game has a special task of both collecting pin marbles and using them to break valuable blocks.
  • The number of times the pin touches the block corresponding to the displayed value will successfully break the target.
  • Vivid, realistic 3D graphics provide maximum space to develop observation skills and choose the direction the ball moves.

How To Play

Drag to bring the ball to the contact position with the target. There are actually many levels with dynamic missions. Always be ready and in the mood to face unexpected situations.

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