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Penalty Shootout

Penalty Shootout

Penalty Shootout opens up a fantasy tournament where players demonstrate their observation and free-kick shooting skills. There are many opportunities to participate in the tournament and reach the dream of winning the trophy. Choose your favorite team and become a teammate on the team that breaks records. Shoot accurately and get the perfect score. Another interesting point in the game is that you can alternate the player and goalkeeper positions. Each different role has its own experience. Take on the challenge now and complete the mission completely.

Outstanding features

  • The player is the person who performs the main kicking task. How can every time you shoot the ball, you successfully concede the opponent's goal? Besides, judge the goalkeeper's direction to make a trick shot. Demonstrated concentration, composure, and good free-kick shooting skills.
  • For the goalkeeper role, stay calm and focused to have quick reflexes. Throw in the direction of the ball to block it successfully. Prevent your opponent from kicking the ball. Can you easily fulfill the role of goalkeeper excellently?

How To Play

The game has many interesting roles that stimulate players. Click and perform to create good force for each free kick. It gives players the flexibility to perform in different positions on the field. Enjoy the vibrant and exciting atmosphere while on the field.

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