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Football Stars

Football Stars

Football Stars is an exciting soccer game that combines action and strategy to score lots of goals. Choose your favorite player and goalkeeper character to start the match. Play soccer with cartoon stars like Teen Titans, Apple and Onion, Bubblegum, Hero Mao Mao, and many more. Each location has its own interestingness. As a player, score within the specified time with a high score. For the goalkeeper role, successfully block the ball and receive points for each result. Regardless of your role, play your best and win.


  • The game recreates many famous cartoon characters, such as DC superhero girls, teen titans, and Clarence.
  • Multiple rounds and time limits to increase competition
  • Design realistic soccer field images and vibrant sounds every time a successful goal is scored.
  • Diverse colors of characters create a highlight for the frame.

How to play

Click to let the character choose a position to shoot the ball and block the ball.

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