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Heroes Head Ball

Heroes Head Ball

Heroes Head Ball is a soccer-focused video game that places players in a world of two-player head-to-head action. Use your character's head to hit the ball beyond the boundaries of normal play to successfully score points. This game offers an escalating quest with a plethora of heroes. Each hero brings a unique combination of skills and abilities that players can exploit. The exceptional gameplay mechanics promise an engaging and dynamic experience.

Attractive virtual sports arena

Explore a landscape filled with thrilling soccer matches, each offering its own unique challenge. Choose your hero and step onto the field, and you'll discover the joy of engaging in head-to-head battles. Every match is an exciting opportunity to show off your football prowess and enjoy the satisfaction of being a champion.

Tips to successfully win challenges

  • Master the art of dribbling the ball, have sharp observation skills, and be quick to score accurately.
  • Exciting soccer action where players exploit fundamental skills in the famous sport
  • Mastery moves the character to successfully attack, defend the goal, and score points against opponents.

How To Play

1 player mode:

The player moves with the arrow keys and combines the ZX keys to head the ball

2-player mode:

  • Player 1: Move the object while navigating with the WASD key and using the NM key in combination.
  • Player 2: Successfully moves with arrow keys and manipulates with keys 12.

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