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Football: Tricky Kick

Football: Tricky Kick

Let's take a look at Football: Tricky Kick, a game that features the popular sport's extremely appealing skill gameplay. As a football fan, you can't miss it. Test your ability to maintain good balance while negotiating mazes of obstacles. Successfully shoot the ball into the goal to advance to the next level. The passes have a flexible design and adhere to a specific rule. Navigate the ball along the route while avoiding obstacles.

How To Play

The controls are basic and intuitive. Each successful goal earns you a specific number of points, which you can then use to purchase a new ball. Choose the ideal timing and trajectory to execute a smart shot that will hit the opponent's goal. 

Avoid touching numerous obstacles and expertly avoid the opposing team's defenders to prevent them from stealing the ball from you! Otherwise, you will lose and have to restart the level. The game includes numerous colorful environments, such as a large football stadium, a winter forest, and others. Earn extra points in bonus levels where you must meet the highest value target.

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