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Football: Blaze Kick

Football: Blaze Kick

Let's start the Football: Blaze Kick and compete on the field by taking a sequence of precise penalty kicks. Success or failure occurs in a brief instant. Experience the thrilling ambiance of the stands to inspire you to make the shot. Identify the target's aim, surpass the defensive obstacle, and score a goal in the opponent's net. Scoring a hit on the target will cause the fiery shot indicator to fill up. Utilize the superkick ability when fully charged to launch a flaming ball into the opponent's goal at tremendous velocity. Additionally, it is important to monitor the time. You will have a restricted time frame to achieve the highest number of goals. Capturing the bonus will provide you with additional seconds.

How To Play

Seize every opportunity by selecting the correct location and direction to fire the ball, and success will be guaranteed. Click to unleash each potent shot. As you play more, your interest grows, and the problems become increasingly noticeable.

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