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Crazy Shoots

Crazy Shoots

Crazy Shoots is an enjoyable and high-speed game where the objective is to skillfully guide the ball into the goal to accomplish the mission. The ball moves in various directions based on the layout of the turf. Prevent the ball from going out of bounds and execute a successful dribble directly into the goal. Various levels featuring unique playground shapes are available for exploration. Can success be achieved with a single attempt? Engage in extensive practice to hone your distinctive skills and specialized playing techniques. Each successful kick of the ball will earn a varying number of points. Determine the most direct route and achieve a high score while facing hurdles.

How To Play

The football field's design is expansive and features numerous unexpected elements as you explore further into the area. Complex trials that fully utilize the player's skills. You can readily discover techniques to attain excellent marks and a perfect success rate. Maneuver the mouse to place the ball into the adversary's goal.

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