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Grimace Penalty

Grimace Penalty

Grimace Penalty is a virtual soccer game in which you must score a penalty while facing the Grimace goalkeeper. As a player, your purpose is simple: aim the ball accurately at the goal and make precise shots into the net. Every move, kick, and goal evokes a sense of success. The game ends when the ball is captured more than three times.

Tips to score successfully

As the player, you must toss the ball with accuracy while keeping an eye on Grimace's moves. Make clever, well-timed kicks. With each penalty, the atmosphere got tense with anticipation, heightening the exhilaration of kicking into the net. It was ideal, as the shots evaded Grimace and found the goal.


  • Grimace Penalty is an immersive and visually attractive experience, with minimal graphics but fascinating action.
  • If the ball does not penetrate the goal a maximum of three times, the game is automatically lost.
  • Choose a position and watch the goalkeeper's actions to score easily.

How To Play

Swipe the mouse to properly place the ball in the goal and score points. Play more to develop strategic skills for each shot.

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