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Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars

Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars

It is time to maximize your team coordination and professional soccer skills when participating in Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars. Carry out the mission with your teammates to reach the most prestigious trophy in the football sports industry. Diverse game modes provide suitable practice options. Online virtual football environment with attractive, realistic game rules.

  • Group mode: easy to choose to compete with AI opponents or friends. Control characters flexibly for good coordination. Dribble and dribble professionally to score successful shots.
  • Tournament mode: You come into contact with 13 different football teams. Choose your favorite teammate to accompany you during the season. Aim for victory and become a champion.

How To Play

Easily connect to the internet and access this fun game. Simple character control is needed when choosing a form of competition.

  • Player 1: Move the arrow keys and kick with the space key.
  • Player 2: Run and move with the WASD keys, and shoot the ball with the Q key.

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