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Match Football Brazil or Argentina

Match Football Brazil or Argentina

Match Football Brazil or Argentina puts players at the center of a fierce rivalry between two iconic football teams led by soccer superstars Neymar and Messi. Logic puzzle challenges are ready for you to win and get high scores. You will find yourself lost in an enchanting arena as you need to solve logic puzzles to combine the same flag colors of two countries. 


  • Pattern recognition and strategic planning are needed to overcome the complexity of flag color matching.
  • The game requires sharp observation skills and quick hand manipulation to switch flag colors between two countries.
  • The graphic design and gameplay are quite new and creative, making them more attractive and appealing. 

Tips to win

  • This puzzle game is really not too difficult but requires quick actions to change the appropriate flag color.
  • The falling speed of the flags is fast and follows a parallel path, so it needs to be fast to avoid misalignment.
  • Playing a lot to practice and practice clicking is also a way to do it.

How To Play

Click or hold the mouse to successfully switch national flag colors and match.

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