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Head Soccer - Star League

Head Soccer - Star League

Head Soccer - Star League continues to bring soccer competition with attractive AI opponents when heading the ball into the goal to score. Defend and attack your opponents to gain good control of the ball. Plan your player's moves to successfully take the lead in scoring. Choose your favorite player character and field type, and start the match. 

The gameplay complies with soccer rules

The game is played on a grass field with two players in a fierce confrontation. Complete victory when reaching the highest score within the time limit of each round. Capture movement control actions for flexible characters to easily steal the ball from opponents. Besides, you should proactively attack your opponent's goal when you have the opportunity. Set a record with the overwhelming number of wins in this exciting game. 

Tips to play

  • The game requires grace and flexibility in every move of the character.
  • Jump up to head the ball and prevent it from reaching your court.
  • Observe and act quickly to control the character's ability to move to positions and successfully block the opponent's ball.

How To Play

Join the exciting atmosphere on the playing field with the spectators in the stands. Explodes with solid skills and strategic, precise headers. Successfully score points and receive the winning symbol. Control all actions of the character simply with the operation of the keys on the screen.

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