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Combine balls of the same hue to make a variety of colorful Doroppuboru balls. This game's gameplay is similar to the 2048 number matching game, but it includes more dynamic aspects. Diverse and vibrant graphics provide hours of amusement. A soccer ball will appear on the screen in front of you, near the top of the playing field. Use the controls to move them right or left, then drop them on the ground. Ensure that identical balls touch each other. When these bubbles merge and form a new object, you will obtain it.  This way, you will receive prizes. Collect as many as possible in the allotted time in order to finish the level.

How To Play

You can easily move through the tasks using the mouse to control the game. The stunning 3D graphics in the game genuinely impress players. If you enjoy classic 2048, try a new challenge with similar gameplay.

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