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Basketball Stars 2 Player Game

Basketball Stars 2 Player Game

Discover many new challenges, from easy to difficult, in the exciting 2-player game genre in Basketball Stars 2 Player Game. Characters are always ready to accompany you in competitions. You can choose two-player mode and play with friends. The diversity in form and mode provides many options. Control your movements and make jumps to score points. 

Outstanding features

  • Character diversity: The player designs really bring out the cuteness. It is easy to choose characters and opponents. Through this method, the attractiveness of each competitor increases.
  • Various modes: Actually, this game has attractive modes to compete against AI opponents or play with friends. Train more and see which mode is interesting. Actually, each mode has its own qualities.

How To Play

If the character moves flexibly, victory will come closer. Control is easy with the Xteen keys. Steal the ball and make throws with the X and Z keys. Experience the variety of competitions right away.

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