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Watermelon Fruit 2048

Watermelon Fruit 2048

Watermelon Fruit 2048 is a fun and fresh puzzle game based on the classic game 2048. Put fruits in groups to make a watermelon. Fruits of the same kind will combine to form new fruits when they are gathered together. Matching as many fruits as you can will help you produce the largest watermelon in the game. 

A world of colorful fruits

A beautiful and colorful fruit world featuring watermelons, melons, pineapples, and other fruits placed in boxes. In order to avoid crossing the line at the top of the court, players must arrange the balls. Fruits of the same sort can be joined to form larger fruits. The goal of the game is to get the highest score before the box fills up, with the watermelon being the largest fruit that can be obtained.

Tips to score high

  • To produce larger fruits, try to combine fruits of the same kind. By doing this, you can blend in additional fruits and make a bigger watermelon.
  • Aim to retain the greatest square of fruit in one corner of the grid. This will facilitate further merging in order to obtain the desired 2048 tile.
  • Since there is no time limit on the game, take your time and consider your movements carefully. Haste can result in errors and lost chances.

How To Play

Memorizing the order of fruit sizes can help you plan your moves better. Try to avoid filling the grid to ensure you can keep moving. Click to select the drop point and drop the fruit.

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