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Basketball Scorer 3D

Basketball Scorer 3D

Are you ready for a new journey with Basketball Scorer 3D own competition rules? Control the basketball ball to roll and go straight into the basket to score points. In the game, new and unique gameplay brings excitement. Many levels are designed to bring challenges for you to conquer. The path for the ball to move will have different obstacles. It can be a straight road, a curved road, or a road section with different slopes.


  • The game combines the movement of soccer and the scoring rules of basketball.
  • There are only seven levels, so players can easily conquer all of them.
  • The road has diverse changes throughout, making it attractive to players.
  • The background of each level has a main color that makes a difference.

How to play

  • Press the W key to move the ball forward.
  • The A key controls the ball's movement left.
  • The D key moves the ball to the right.
  • Press the S key to move the ball backwards.
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