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Crazy Balls 3D

Crazy Balls 3D

Crazy Balls 3D creates insane racing tracks that entice many gamers to compete. Roll, hop, soar, pass the balls, and be the first to cross the finish line! Competitive games are more enjoyable to play. Each triumph moves your name up the leaderboard. Compete against a large number of opponents to be the first to cross the finish line. Control the ball with ease to roll, soar, and jump over opponents.


  • Many online gamers compete for positions on the leaderboard in the game.
  • The ball's speed can be readily controlled.
  • Only by using high speed can you easily complete the assignment.
  • Many unusual tracks are ready for the competition to begin.

How To Play

  • Using the arrow keys or WASD, easily move the ball toward the target.
  • Avoid colliding with either side of the road on curves.
  • Because the ball can easily spin, you must carefully adjust it straight.

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