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Apex Football Battle

Apex Football Battle

Apex Football Battle provides football aficionados with an entertaining and fast-paced friendly encounter. Stand with your squad on the virtual field, organize your moves, and score goals. The game replicates a genuine football match. The realistic number of players exhibits good team spirit on a dynamic virtual platform. Participate in the soccer match by selecting players who meet your plan. Climb to the top with a thoroughly convincing triumph.


  • The game may simulate genuine flexible activities such as sprinting, passing the ball, and making replacements.
  • The game contains not only gameplay but also a lively atmosphere that is faithfully replicated in reality.
  • You can choose the competing country's team and the suitable challenge mode.

How To Play

  • Using the WASD keys, move the character around freely.
  • In order to launch the ball, press the spacebar.
  • To pass the ball to a teammate, press the K key.
  • When performing the pass, press the N key.
  • When conducting a through pass, press the M key.
  • Changing people is simple when the J key is used.

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