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Ultimate Boxing

Ultimate Boxing

Prepare in a fighting position and use your reflex punches to knock out your opponent in the Ultimate Boxing arena. Choose your fighter, enter the ring, and lead each match to develop your techniques. Prove your abilities, and always stay one step ahead of your opponent. Avoid his punches and attack whenever you get the chance. Knock your opponent to the floor and emerge victorious. Conquer all fights and become the boxing king. To outscore your opponent with punches, you must use both power and strategy.


  • Observation to judge the activity, and patience to select the best time to attack your opponent and score points.
  • Realistic 3D design creates a real arena with a vibrant sound system.
  • Good control ensures that all movements are fluid.
  • You can get the best edge if you combine attack and defense.

How To Play

  • Use the arrow keys or on-screen controls to orient yourself.
  • Specific keys or buttons are used to stab, hook, uppercut, block, and evade.

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