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Free Kick World Cup 2022

Free Kick World Cup 2022

Taking penalty kicks in the Free Kick World Cup 2022 puts you in a difficult position. It requires excellent precision because it affects whether your team wins or loses. Prepare your soccer player for a battle against the world's finest teams. This game provides a realistic soccer simulation physics and kicking system. Practice with the free kick, random shoot, and target shooting modes. The supporters were particularly thrilled by the flexibility of the shooting positions. Begin a new path by challenging yourself with strategic shots.

How To Play

Players begin the game by selecting their favorite country to compete in the match. Carefully watch the other team's players and goalie to decide when to shoot the ball. It will be tough to predict the opponent's fall path, but bullets can be used to fool him. When rolling, align the shot angle and rotation force to maximize your scoring potential.


Use the mouse to control the ball and execute realistic kicks.

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