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Street Cricket

Street Cricket

Continue to demonstrate your ability to hit the ball accurately in the sport of Street Cricket with sharp reflexes. Look where the ball is coming from and swing the club up, touch it, and hit the ball far. Observe the status bar on the side to know the strength of each swing. You will experience an attractive virtual reality competition environment. Design vivid 3D images with player flexibility. It is a completely satisfying experience every time you make a shot. Good reflexes and accurate timing will bring you closer to success. The character needs to calculate the appropriate force and swing the club to touch the ball properly. There is only a limit to the maximum number of times the ball can be hit. When you exceed it, you will definitely need to start again from the beginning. Practice regularly and make the most of your cricket skills.

How To Play

Click once to choose the strength for each swing. Click next to make the putt. Dynamic gameplay with an enjoyable sports experience. There are diverse sports for you to experience on the website.

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