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Stickman Football

Stickman Football

Stickman Football takes you into a new role when you become a stickman player and assist in dribbling the ball into the goal. Be skilled when moving the ball and using teleportation skills. Complete the mission by successfully sending the ball into the goal. With continued practice, one's abilities will continue to advance. This is certain. Discover the art of good ball control to make skillful moves. The ball rolls and moves forward after each shot. Bright color graphics provide truly dynamic gameplay. There are many interesting modes and forms of play for football fans. Don't hesitate; choose to start conquering the mission right away.

How To Play

Two-player mode takes you deeper into exploration with outstanding features. With the mouse, you can easily control the ball and use stickman teleportation skills. Choose a route and overcome obstacles to guide the ball to the goal. The more you play, the more diverse and difficult challenges you encounter.

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