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Ski Rush

Ski Rush

Ski across different terrains and successfully avoid obstacles over long distances in Ski Rush. Collect more bonus flags and increase your achievement score. The game is not difficult, but it requires good observation and navigation skills. Just a small collision with the traps will definitely fail the mission. The ski routes are really long, and the terrain is diverse. How many kilometers can you put your name on?

Impressive features

  • Winter environment with a separate ski area designed according to practical standards.
  • Intuitive controls are easy and suitable for everyone looking for entertainment.
  • Equipped with standard equipment and protective gear, like on a real ski field.

How To Play

Flexibility allows players to slide evenly to both sides and not collide with obstacles. Roads with different high and low slopes increase the difficulty and challenge. Challenges require players to face them and find a winning method. The missions are really fun and bring you closer to the rules of snowboarding games.

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