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Shoot a Goal!

Shoot a Goal!

Shoot a Goal! focus gameplay design lives up to its name when it comes to adjusting the direction of the ball, successfully kicking the goal, and scoring points. Maximum ten times the ball goes out, and when over, the mission fails. The target is in two states: static and dynamic. Advanced difficulty is really a good way to practice skills effectively. Create strategic passes so that each shot is successful. The distance from the ball to the goal does not change too much. The goal is not always fixed, so it is necessary to determine the position when taking a shot.

3D stadium design graphics meet real-life simulation standards. Each completion of a shot will show progress in practice. Flexible with different positions to adapt to position changes in the team. Become an excellent player, no matter what position you are in.

How To Play

Drag to adjust the direction for the ball to move straight towards the goal. It's nice to be able to spend time and access it when there's an internet connection. Every free game is available and worth experiencing.

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