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Rocket Soccer Derby

Rocket Soccer Derby

Enter the world of famous racing drivers, Rocket Soccer Derby, which offers a thrilling blend of soccer rules and expert driving skills. Your car is more than simply a mode of transportation; it's also a jet-powered sports car. Compete directly against opponents by controlling the car, shooting the ball into their goal, and scoring points. Master two gaming abilities at once: precision driving and strategic soccer play. The graphics are outstanding, resulting in an exciting arena that hooks you in from the minute the engine starts. Realistic car physics offer a surprising level of depth to the gameplay. Every bend and acceleration seem perfectly clear.

How To Play

Drive the ball effortlessly and hit it with your car in the proper direction. Enjoy incredible physics and strive to be the finest motorized soccer player.


  • Move the vehicle via WASD keys.
  • Press space to jump
  • Press F when lock the ball
  • Press shift to use nitro

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