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Ninja Turtles: Football

Ninja Turtles: Football

Ninja Turtles: Football creates a fun football competition environment with the participation of famous heroes. The matches are definitely worth looking forward to. SpongeBob and Patrick are well-known characters throughout the game's stages. The game features two modes: a championship and a simple match. First, select the mode and ninja turtle to play. Each turtle plays football excellently, so you may be confident that you will win first. Your goal is to score five goals in the opponent's net. Move, leap, and kick rapidly to send the ball into your opponent's net. At the appropriate time, use the super shot indicator, which is shown in the bottom left corner of the screen. Win the match to become a genuine Ninja Turtle champion.

How To Play

  • Movement is simple to control with the arrow keys.
  • Use the space key to kick.
  • Press the X key to receive a more powerful and effective kick.

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