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Range Kick

Range Kick

It is time to show off your powerful kicks to get the ball straight into the goal in one lane with Range Kick. This is an exciting sports game in which you show off your soccer skills to score the ball farthest into the goal. There are many exciting levels waiting for you, in which you must gradually improve your technique to perform different tasks. Pass all the tests and start your career as a professional athlete now!

How To Play

You will find yourself in the middle of a long soccer field with a really long distance between the goal and the players. There will be a ball in front of you, you need to hit the goal in the distance. To do this, press the left mouse button when the arrow is in the middle. Pay attention to the status bar in front of the character to create a shot with appropriate force. To go to the next stage, you need to overcome a certain distance. You'll earn gold coins as you complete levels, which you can use to buy new uniforms and unique skins. Remember to regularly improve your skills, such as strength and accuracy.

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