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Puppet Soccer Zoo Game

Puppet Soccer Zoo Game

The Puppet Soccer Zoo Game has taken on the craze of the famous soccer sport to find the king of sports among the animals. Take advantage of speed and ice skills to stop your opponents. Upgrade your character to increase the speed of completing goals to reach the highest position. A good grasp of strength and flexible movement control is the key to success. Get rewarded for every win, and collect as many player cards as possible. 

Dynamic gameplay combined with the animal world provides a more open environment. Head the ball to successfully score a goal into the opponent's goal. Animals gradually upgrade when you accumulate enough rewards to redeem them. Unlock more variety to enjoy the exciting atmosphere of competitive competition. Run quickly and combine with teammates to change positions and move the ball smoothly. Be skilled at dribbling the ball to have a good chance of keeping it.

How To Play

  • Moving is easy using the arrow keys.
  • Use abilities via space key control.
  • Can be controlled via on-screen keys for operation.

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