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Penalty Rivals

Penalty Rivals

It is time to showcase your talent and technique in an exciting simulated competition against internet opponents on Penalty Rivals. Choose your favorite team and begin the competition right away. Change the roles of players and goalkeepers. Experience various exhilarating postures. Participate in an entertaining competition that will put both your offensive and goalkeeping skills to the test. There are many exciting moments and skirmishes that will keep you guessing until the very end of the match!

How To Play

A set of penalties for experienced opponents. Don't forget to consider wind strength and direction, as these can be crucial to success. Use skillful kicks to confound your opponent. The purpose of the game is to score both goals and extra points. To increase your score, carefully choose when to kick and aim for the specified spots. When time runs out, it is your chance to stand in front of the goal. Predict your opponent's actions and shoot the ball with skill. Top the leaderboards to showcase your talent.

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