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Penalty Kick Target

Penalty Kick Target

Penalty Kick Target with an impressive display of free kick skills for fans of the famous soccer sport. Take a shot with the standard distance in soccer rules. Surely, you should shoot a shot straight on goal and get points. Understand the goalkeeper's position and goal trajectory. Create a moving path with the right amplitude for each shot to be successful. 

Decisive shot

In football, it is easy to see that the penalty ball decides the outcome of a match. The moment was filled with suspense and tension. It easily affects the player's psychology when taking a shot. A penalty kick is exactly what it sounds like: a kick from the penalty spot with the goal of putting the ball into the net. The method used to execute a successful free kick also depends on the angle amplitude. This trick can be exploited for sure when you really understand the rules and gameplay.

How To Play

The incoming free kicks were one of the most exciting moments. The decisive moment of victory or defeat takes place in a short time. The tension reached its absolute peak. Each kick requires a high level of accuracy to ensure a leading score. Get a chance for your team and get your hands on the winning trophy. 

Lift the mouse to create a shot angle and height for the ball to reach the goal.

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