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Only Up Beginning! Game

Only Up Beginning! Game

Explore the wonderful platformer world in Only Up Beginning! Game with advanced parkour techniques when performing reflexive jumps. Accompany the character through 3D worlds, explore, and overcome challenges. Jump over difficulties and reach more open worlds. Can you easily overcome obstacles and go out successfully? 

Diverse and challenging levels

Open Games continues to grow and expand its diversity with the game series Only Up!. This version is designed with many diverse levels with higher upgrade difficulty. Players can easily exploit more skills to better themselves. Jump on platforms and successfully overcome challenging obstacles.

Outstanding features

  • The game takes you to intuitive 3D worlds with countless challenges.
  • Diverse levels encourage players to conquer challenges.

How To Play

  • Move with your character and companions to look around via WASD keys.
  • Jump up at the right time to reach safety and take on the next challenge.

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