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Ice Hockey Shootout

Ice Hockey Shootout

Ice Hockey Shootout is ready to fool the goalkeeper and get the ball into the goal as many times as possible within 15 shots. Determine where to shoot the ball and execute the shot accurately. Build a strategy to easily overcome defenses. The more accurately you shoot, the more advanced your skills will be. Understanding the art of controlling the ball will help you easily accomplish your goals. The stadium was packed with sports fans cheering for the players to get better. Join the atmosphere and start competing.

Outstanding features

  • Fast-paced gameplay requires you to continuously shoot the ball.
  • The AI goalkeeper really has good judgment techniques, so be careful to score successfully.
  • The stadium is designed according to actual standards with accurate proportions.

How To Play

Get more acquainted with the famous American hockey game. You can easily understand the rules of the game and how to hit the ball. Operate all actions easily with the mouse.

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