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Gorilla Adventure

Gorilla Adventure

An overview of the futuristic globe bathed in glistening neon light can be seen at Gorilla Adventure. Cleverly used the hammer's force to propel the primate into an extremely high leap. The field of future technology is incredibly vast. Enter a magical realm filled with unknown mysteries. Find pleasure by jumping onto as many platforms as you can. You must move quickly and make precise leaps to conquer these fields.

Appealing attributes

  • The game stuns with its excellent graphic design and stunning architecture.
  • Neon lights and futuristic cities create a vibrant environment.
  • The world comes to life when every aspect is carefully considered.
  • The incredibly harmonized 3D color scheme creates a mystical atmosphere with mysteries to discover.

How To Play

You can fully point the hammer towards the ground and trap the character leaping up by pulling them up from the fulcrum in higher positions. Usually, at level two, this direction of control works particularly well over steep terrain. The character can be moved by clicking and dragging the mouse.

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