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Golf Golf

Golf Golf

Golf Golf continues to open up new training processes and become the champion of the attractive sports game of golf. Achieve the goal of putting the ball in the hole accurately with skillful hitting strategies. The requirements for the golf game are not only skills and techniques but also tactics. The position of putting the ball into the hole has different distances, which is good support for a lot of practice. Adapts well to the flexibility of the golf position.

Outstanding features

  • Players participate in and gain a better understanding of the art of dynamic golf.
  • Practice good technique and skills to guide the ball into the hole accurately.
  • The playground is designed on a grass field that simulates realistic and challenging 3D physics.

How To Play

When starting to play, you should observe the terrain and position of the ball. Choose the force when making each attractive stroke. Improve your professional skills and understand the rules of golf.

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