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Flappy Foot Chinko

Flappy Foot Chinko

Let's explore Flappy Foot Chinko's exciting gameplay by honing our dribbling skills. Overcome defensive barriers and press forward. You also participate in training prior to the official match. There are many levels of experience and a wide range of intriguing training difficulties. In addition, Flappy Foot Chinko makes it simple to grasp the concept of shadow navigation. The gameplay is built on the technique of repeatedly clicking and sending the ball through vacant spots. Do not collide with other players or obstacles; otherwise, your adventure will be halted.

How To Play

Click the game screen to bounce the ball upwards. In this fashion, it must overcome all barriers on the playing field before flying into the gate. To win each trophy, you must complete a specific number of levels. The further you travel, the more difficult it is to play because my field will have defensive players and numerous obstructions in your way. Can you skillfully direct it to the gate? Collect coins to add extra players to the field, and try to complete the objectives in each stage.

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