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Drunken Boxing

Drunken Boxing

Face formidable opponents in the Drunken Boxing arena and demonstrate the power of each punch. Control the intoxicated boxer and initiate a precise attack and defense. When both combatants struggle to judge their opponent's posture, maintaining balance becomes tough. Blurred eyesight will make coordination of movements more challenging. Can you perform rapid punches and knock out your opponent? Start playing to find the solution.

How To Play

Feel and hear the sound of the fists colliding. Choose a favorable defense and assault the positions that get the most points. Observe and pay attention to the opponent's movements in order to better understand the entire match. Launch a sequence of combos to knock down your opponent, including knocking him out of the arena. Pay attention to your energy bar! It will take some time for you to recuperate if your energy runs out. In this situation, you will undoubtedly be vulnerable. So, when you plan your fighting strategy, don't forget to calculate your energy!


  • PLAYER 1: Play and control with the arrow keys.
  • PLAYER 2: Navigate the movement through the WASD keys

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