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This Game About Climbing

This Game About Climbing

This Game About Climbing will put your virtual climbing skills to the test while also requiring you to maintain proper balance. The game's sole focus is on engaging climbing challenges, which draws inspiration from the game Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy. Guide climbers to the summit of an unexpected mountain, putting your great power and dexterity to the test. Be cautious in your movements and maintain your balance on slick surfaces. Try your hardest to reach the summit by rehearsing your actions thoroughly. Enjoy well-designed venues and demonstrate your skills.

How To Play

This indie game immerses you in an action-packed gaming experience. You control the climber's hands and guide them across the hazardous mountain face. Every crevice, ledge, and hold becomes a challenge for planning and technique. Slippery terrain, uncomfortable grips, and unforeseen obstacles abound. Quick reflexes will get you far.

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