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Miniball: Euro 2020

Miniball: Euro 2020

Miniball: Euro 2020 is one of the best little football games, with intriguing strategic gameplay. Each team has five people that compete in matches. While dribbling the ball toward the opposing goal, make sure to protect the goal. Win by scoring more goals than your opponent before the match time expires. To win the game, focus on team collaboration and player positions. Run at the same time and proceed to the final round. Choose one of the many possible teams to begin the game. Select one of the tactical systems for deploying your guys and begin playing.

How To Play

Hold down the left mouse button on the desired player in your team and select the direction. Then, release the mouse button to move your player in the specified direction. Try to score as many goals as possible within the allotted period of the match. Play enough games to advance to the next qualification round. Will your team win the 2020 European Championship? Everything depends on you.

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