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Bubble Shooter Extreme

Bubble Shooter Extreme

Bubble Shooter Extreme, with its unique unconventional gameplay, brings exciting 3D gameplay. The task is simple: shoot balls of the same color and make all the balls on the screen disappear. Each challenge has different changes and does not make you bored. Get the reward and use it as a secret weapon when you don't find the method to complete the mission. Play and face diverse-level challenges. Experience and practice effective adaptation. Besides, the game is like a math problem that requires finding the correct answer. Only when balls of the same color are successfully matched together will they disappear. Race ahead of time so that the net doesn't touch the limit line. As a loyal fan of bubble shooting, this level is not to be missed.

How To Play

Move the ball to a position on the net and start pairing. Up to three balls will create a disappearing effect on the screen. The more balls you remove, the higher your score. This is also a method to quickly end an effective challenge.

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