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5 continues to open up a journey for you to get closer to the famous game of basketball. Grab the ball before your opponent and run towards the ring to shoot the ball! With the participation of many online players, the added competition is really attractive. This requires skill and strategy to not let the opponent steal the ball. Let's see who takes the lead and controls the field better in the game.


  • An attractive combination of the MMO multiplayer genre and the famous basketball sport
  • The character's movements are flexible and resemble real player actions in reality.
  • Only when you control the ball on your side can you easily move towards your opponent's basket and score.

How To Play

The game brings more aspects to the basketball world. The deeper you explore, the more fun you will have. Understand the rules of competition and learn the skills. Use the perfect three-point shot to stay ahead. Jump up and bring the ball to the basket to create a perfect rebound.

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