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Trick Shot - World Challenge

Trick Shot - World Challenge

Trick Shot - World Challenge is a game that will put throwing accuracy to the test. With over 200 levels to play, you will be hooked on this intriguing game in no time. Isn't it simple? Consider again! The game is intended to test your abilities and push you to your limits.

Skills evaluation

You have to make the correct angle choice to get the ball into the cup at each level, which offers a unique challenge. To guarantee a successful shot, you must consider the shot's angle, speed, and trajectory. It will take all of your might to get beyond each level since they get harder and harder.

Assess your level of patience

Your endurance, aptitude, and resolve will be put to the test. Playing this game will require you to remain attentive and focused. You will, however, enjoy every minute of the game because it is meant to be entertaining and captivating.


  • Take your time: You should not rush your shot because the game is meant to be difficult. Take your time. Before you fire, take some time to aim and correct your shot.
  • Utilize the walls: Blasting the ball off the wall and into the bucket might sometimes be a simpler task. Find the optimal strategy by experimenting with various angles and trajectories.
  • Think ahead: As you go through the stages, the tasks will get harder, so plan ahead. Plan your aim by trying to foresee potential obstructions.
  • Practice: You become better at something by practicing a lot. If you fail at anything for the first time, don't give up. Become an expert player if you practice enough. 
  • Unlock new levels: You must accurately toss the ball into the bucket in order to advance to the next level. The game gets increasingly difficult as you gain new levels.

How To Play

If you enjoy challenges, Trick Shot - World Challenge is ideal for you. Regardless of your skill level-from novice to expert-in gaming. Choose the appropriate throw angle and direction by clicking and dragging.

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