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Tennis Master

Tennis Master

Conquer a prestigious position in the Tennis Master world by defeating your opponents with convincing goals. Show off all your talents with beautiful scoring passes. Swing your racket and attack your opponent while defending on your own court. Control the character's ability to move flexibly to successfully master the field. Choose a game mode and start an exciting new page.

The game belongs to the familiar 2-player genre with three selection modes: 1 player, 2 players, and quick match. Each game mode has its own unique attractions. Specifically:

  • 1-player mode: There are two easy competition modes to choose from: 'Tournament' and 'Friendly Match'. Exploit each topic and have a separate competition format for each choice. Grasp the rhythm of the match to complete the mission excellently.
  • 2-player mode: choose a random character and start the competition. flexible character control to simultaneously attack and defend. Aim to lead the score ahead of your opponent to win.
  • Quick match mode: random selection of both competition form and character. It increases the fun with the new mode.

How To Play

  • Character 1: Control is done with the WAD keys, and when using the V key, Snash presses the B key.
  • Character 2: Control actions when clicking the arrow keys, pressing the L key to hit the ball, and pressing the K key when performing a snash.

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