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Tennis Hero

Tennis Hero

Let's reach the prestigious medal of the Tennis Hero tournament together with one-on-one singles matches. Choose a character and start participating in the match. Observe the field and opponents to react promptly when the ball is in your court. For each successful return shot and score, you will receive a gold coin reward. Prove your abilities and skills in this exciting sport.

The game appropriately tests your physical condition and reflexes. Not only do you need to be fast, but you also need powerful blows to attack your opponent's defense. A clean shot gives you points while the round is in progress. The competition format uses actual competition rules. Take some time to relax and experience a new role now!

How To Play

Control the character to swing the racket and hit the ball easily when clicking the mouse or pressing the space key. The character runs to many different positions on the field. Accurately time the ball to return it to your opponent's court.

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