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Super Mario Run Tour

Super Mario Run Tour

Run on the endless Super Mario Run Tour path, explore vivid scenes, and collect lots of gold coins. Each level contains new challenges as you complete challenges on each different path. Jump high to successfully navigate paths of different heights. Accompany Mario to enjoy the fun atmosphere of a special journey. 

The game has simple gameplay

Most running genre games have a familiar motif for players when controlling the character running forward. Overcome obstacles on your way and discover challenges waiting to be unlocked. The road segments are spaced apart and have uneven heights. The character must jump at the appropriate height to successfully run forward. In the process, there appear to be gold coins to collect as many as possible. 


  • The game is designed with a simple arcade theme but has unexpected challenges and missions with increased difficulty.
  • It is easy to control the character with just a click to successfully direct Mario to jump.
  • Simple graphics with uniform block details are attractive because of the separate missions.

How To Play

Perform all control actions on the character with a mouse click.

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