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Super Hoops Basketball

Super Hoops Basketball

Practice accurately throwing the ball into the hoop by tilting the platform and placing the ball in the Super Hoops Basketball basket. A logic game with an attractive real basketball theme. Because of its distinctiveness, the gameplay is basic but appealing. The game has completely different regulations than sending the ball to make a shot that goes into the basket to score. Perform the tilt task to get the platform to tilt at the proper angle, and then let the ball roll in the direction of the ring. During the process, you can also collect stars that emerge on the route. When you successfully throw the ball into the basket, the next level is unlocked for you to play.

How To Play

Tilt the platform so that the ball follows a predetermined path. To balance the left or right-tilted platform position, click on either side. At higher levels, there are definitely other horizontal platforms that move and prevent the ball from entering the basket. Observe and choose the position and time for the ball to roll.

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