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Space Quoit 2048

Space Quoit 2048

Welcome to the Space Quoit 2048 journey with the correct number-matching disc throws to successfully create the required number. Each disc has a number on it. Each time the disc is thrown it will collide and move to different positions. Move to the position of the same numbers to combine them to form a larger number. Each level will have a limit of a number for you to perform the task.

An expanding universe with different dimensions for each level. Successfully completing a number matching mission will travel to a new location. You will be overwhelmed in the vast space of space.


  • The game takes the development idea of the famous classic 2048 number matching game.
  • Multi-dimensional 3D space graphics create more depth for each area.
  • Each time you shoot the number plate, it will move the position of the previous number, so choose the correct shooting point.

How To Play

Click to shoot the disc. Watch for the next number to appear and throw the disc to the position where the higher number matches.

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