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Red Mini Golf

Red Mini Golf

Red Mini Golf is a sports-themed game that combines fast-paced action with engaging platform gameplay. Navigate the ball past obstacles, then straight into the hole. It won't be easy, but just understand the rules of navigation, and the challenge will be simple. Many levels with increased difficulty are definitely a good opportunity for you to practice your skills. 

Dynamic gameplay

Not only applying the golf sport style but also combining it with logical thinking. Choose an angle for the platforms so the ball rolls towards the target. Not only is the ball hindered by obstacles, but it also needs to overcome many platforms to reach the finish line. Sharp observation skills also assist players in developing spectacular scoring strategies.Practicing many times will make your movements more professional.

How To Play

Click to make tilt adjustments to the platforms. You must avoid obstacles while letting the ball fall into position to reach the hole. Each completed level will have a key to unlock the next level. Diverse challenges help you become more familiar with this innovative way of playing golf.

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