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Penalty Shootout: Multi League

Penalty Shootout: Multi League

Welcome to become a multi-ball player in the season of Penalty Shootout: Multi League reach for the prestigious award. Take penalty kicks straight into the goal and score points. Choose a position and determine the force when making each goal shot. Observe to deceive the opponent players so that you successfully win. 

Simple, familiar gameplay

Easily observe operations with on-screen displays. The task is really simple: just successfully score a goal when conceding the ball to the opponent. Every shot is a meticulous strategy with the highest precision. Players should practice a lot to achieve a high success rate. 

Outstanding features

  • Easily perform a series of penalty shootouts to practice the ability to observe and shoot the ball accurately.
  • Choose your country and opponent easily in the qualifying round.
  • Realistically designed lawn with detailed and meticulous 3D graphics full of light and color.

How To Play

Navigate to the screen to successfully make the appropriate shots.

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