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Mushroom Tarzan is a fascinating adventure that tests your agility and timing while swinging across the mushroom. Play as the character and embark on a perilous trip through a world filled with deadly mushrooms and obstacles. Your ability and precision will be tested to the limit as you try to escape falling into the water below.

Action-packed adventure

Travel across a terrain filled with towering mushrooms, each of which poses a tremendous obstacle. Quick reactions are required to effectively jump over and move deeper into the woodland. It takes you into a universe where the art of swinging goes beyond the limits of traditional gameplay. The sheer pleasure of jumping from one enormous mushroom to another promises to be an unforgettable experience. Master difficult terrain with skill and precision.

Tips for playing Mushroom Tarzan

  • Agility and timing: Pilot the iconic rope-swinging hero over towering, dangerous mushrooms, putting your agility and timing to the test. Practice precise moves to easily get over the top of the tree.
  • Zipline mastery: Take command of the rope-swinging hero and learn to navigate a world full of towering mushrooms. Master the art of swinging from one massive mushroom to another while avoiding falling into the water beneath. 
  • Precision jumps: timing and precision are essential in Mushroom Tarzan. Learn to time your jumps properly to avoid falling into the water below. Practice your jumps and moves to ensure precise timing for each task.

How To Play

Use the mouse to guide the character through various frames.

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