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Murder Case Clue 3D

Murder Case Clue 3D

Murder Case Clue 3D introduces a new action role-playing game. Become a youthful investigator and solve all the mysterious cases. Prepare to visit a little country cottage filled with tragedy and other horrible events. Can you assist the tiny hero in solving all of the puzzles and uncovering the clues? If so, then save your time. Hurry up and investigate!

How To Play

Your aim is to collect clues in order to uncover the full truth and escape the turmoil. You must pay close attention in order to deal with all levels promptly. Move through the levels to find knives, phones, medication bottles, door keys, and other clues. Each level becomes more tough as you progress, uncovering more killings and clues. Open the cabinets, hop on the table, and do whatever it takes to uncover all of the evidence. Immerse yourself fully in the world of research and complete this difficult job.


Make it simple to navigate the character via mouse interaction.

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