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Micro Golf Ball Game

Micro Golf Ball Game

In the Micro Golf Ball Game, you can become a professional mini golfer and try to hit the ball into the illusive hole. With each level, you will encounter new challenges and unexpected twists that will keep you on your toes. Concentrate on precision and skill, thus improving your aim and strength. Every shot requires the use of adequate hand force to successfully place the ball in the hole.

How To Play

Start the game and use your mouse to control the action. Point it in the direction that you want the golf ball to go. It is time to add extra strength! Click and hold the mouse button to achieve the ideal level of power. When you're ready, release it to send the golf ball soaring. Micro Golf Ball Game is the ideal blend of enjoyable and casual gameplay that tests the principles of physics. Aim perfectly and join the journey as you lead your small golf ball to victory.

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